Friday, April 20, 2007

Ok Another Big Showing

Ok this pattern is called Symphony Tablecloth and I believe it came from one of the Magic Crochet Magazines. Anyway I ordered the thread KAM08 to be specific from Mimi sometime in September, so very roughly it has taken me 7-8 months to get this puppy done. I did a little happy dance when I completed it, oh the purpose was for it to match the quilt I made.
I have to show a close up because the wide pic does not do it justice.

After a about a month from when I decided to make this Shrek Hat I finally finished it, because I was to busy with other things, though this was one of the few projects I took on my last vacation (Gollum Hat, Symphony Tablecloth, & Shrek Hat). So this completion makes me very happy.

Though the cap, which I adhered the ears to said it was adult size, it truly fits my youngest brother the best. My two sweet younger brothers both were excited to model it for me so I had to post both pics. As a side note I think I accidentally tossed the pattern for the ears, I’m put out with myself at this moment.

Initially when I saw this hat on Crochetville I was sad that I didn’t have a handy baby to make it for, though one of the ladies I know who was pregnant conviently had her baby before Easter so voila I bought a copy of the pattern from Heidilyn and whipped it up then I had to find a way to get the hat to the baby before Easter, which I was able to do with some help.

This delightful bookmark I first saw on Ccat’s website, and I drooled over it, I made an attempt to make one myself but it did not look right without the pattern. So I tore it out (the perfectionist that I am) and waited patently to see if Ccat would make me enormously happy and share her pattern. Which she did (thank you, thank you, thank you) and so you see the delight below.

This is another wonderful series from Crochetroo, Sea Creatures from the Australian Coast. I did have some frustration with this Humpback Whale’s tail to my chagrin so I did the only thing possible I put it aside till I had more patience. When I did, I of course was able to finish it smoothly. It only took me what 1 month to store up some patience. I was so excited though to make this little guy he is so cute, now I just have to find a person who loves Whales to give him to.

This is from the same batch of Sea Creatures from the Australian Coast, by Crochetroo. After finishing the Humpback Whale I was in the mood for another Sea Creature so I made the last one from the pack: Stingray and he was vary easy to make. Which promptly made me remember Steve Irwin and how he died from a stingray, even thought they are supposably gentle creatures. This led me to worry about my upcoming trip to the Florida Beach and how there are a lot of stingrays which finally led me to buy water shoes which probably won’t prevent me from being stung but at least they are rubber which does not conduct electricity. Sometimes too much information is not a good thing!!!!

Well I participated in another bookmark swap and I was sent this bookmark by my exchange partner Bonnie, who was so generous and sent not only the bookmark but…

This coaster as well as a recipe, two patterns, a postcard and a letter she was so sweet. And I love the thread these two gifts were made out of I do not think it is cotton but maybe an acrylic of some kind which gives it a sheen.

I have decided I am going to make more Friendship Bookmarks the pattern is so beautiful and make great gifts, this one in fact I gave to my Grandmother who taught me how to crochet, thank you Grandma and happy birthday.

This is another of my Anatomical Heart Bookmarks, having received the information that the pattern is not easy to follow I decided to follow it on my own and what do you know, that person was right. So I decided to revise the pattern now, because after I first made the pattern and bookmark I was mentally exhausted by the creation, I know it is so small but it exhausted me so. When I made this for a friend whose husband had a bad heart scare and thought he would have to undergo open heart surgery I finally got my but in gear and made it, about 1 month after the scare. I know I am so slow but after I revised the pattern for this bookmark below I whipped one up in under 24 hours veins and all. So my friend and her husband could both have one. Any way after that long explanation I am fixing the errors I found, adding more pics… so now if you try to make one again and still have problems let me know exactly where and have patience with me I will try to fix the pattern for you.

This pot holder I am naming Portuguese Pot Holder for I found this pot holder pattern after long searching for it on a Portuguese Website and not knowing a word of Portuguese had to work at translating it, when I have an opportunity I will see if I can post an English version of it on my site after get around to emailing the owner (Andrea Cris) of the pattern. Anyway I doubled up on the shell portion of the pattern for one layer was not thick enough in my opinion for holding hot objects, I’m a practical girl I make things for use even if my mom is going to put these on display.

Here’s the back view I was curious personally so I took a pic to show you incase you are too. I made two of them by the way because pot holders come in twos.

Ok here is what I’m calling my pouting contest pics. Actually my silly Dad is demonstrating how he thinks I look when I pout.

Then my brothers just had to join in.

So reasonably I then had to take their pictures, families got to love them.


Mimi said...

You're tablecloth is marvelous Ashley! Good choice of pattern, and your crocheting is superb :) I love your bookmarks too, and the potholder is cute!

tami and todd said...

Your tablecloth and doiles are marvelous and I absolutely LOVE the shrek hat! Very nice stuff, keep it up. And your family is very silly just like mine!