Monday, December 24, 2007

Stain Glass & Snowflakes

It has been so long since I have last posted. Ok here is what I have been up to. I finished my finals got good grades, took the scary GRE and finished buying Christmas presents. Not to mention helping my mother bake 7 types of cookies. All right on to some of the things I have made.
This is what I made in my stain glass class. I at one point thought it would be horrible to look at because of the thickness of the black lines, though now I am content with what I made and pleased with it.
This is the piece that my father made, he is the one that encouraged me to take the class with him, and we had a great time together. Now our stain glass pieces are hanging in the windows together.
This is a Christmas present that I made for my cousin who loves sunflowers, I made 7 coasters for her, and why 7 you might ask. Well I made 6 and looked at the remaining yellow I had and I didn’t have much left and could make one more coaster so I did. I originally saw a picture of this coaster as an embellishment but decided it would work well as a coaster. So I zoomed into the picture and worked backwards to formulate the pattern and ended up with this. I saw this embellishment on Crochet con amor.

A number of months ago I came across a book by Delsie Rhoades called 101 Snowflakes at my local library. I borrowed it and started making snowflakes. The above snowflake is for a little girl I sit, she wanted her snowflake in bright pink. This snowflake is # 23 in the book.

This snowflake is for the afore mentioned little girl’s sister who also wanted bright pink. The snowflake is # 22.

I decided to make snowflakes this year as a gift for my Aunt who’s tree is what I call a designer tree with ornaments only in a couple of colors. Her tree is gold and white so I made the following ornaments in gold. This snowflake is # 57.

Also for my aunt this snowflake is # 8.

Another for my aunt this snowflake is # 19.

This one had and interesting stitch called Lover’s Knot, it is # 9.

I didn’t starch this one like the picture in the book, but it is # 13.

And Last but not least # 14.

Friday, November 09, 2007

More Babies

This baby hat I made not for anyone specific but to get ahead on the baby boom which is occurring in the people I know. The bonnet came from a pattern called Angel Kisses Dress which was designed by Anna. The bonnet size is newborn, the only problem I had was trying to figure out how much thread I would need to make the complete project, I still haven’t made the whole outfit so the question is still unanswered.

The little girl who will be wearing has already been delivered and is healthy so I am pleased.

This is another outfit for a member of my personal baby boom group. This was a challenging project, first I had to find a non-feminine outfit which is harder than it sounds. The pattern is called Little Boy Blue designed by Shifio; I also had to consider that we live in Arizona so it will not get too terribly cold. Here is an overview of the whole outfit.

This little hat I had to make twice the first one was too small.

This sweater was the most time consuming part of the outfit.

I had a fun time trying to create a theme for the outfit and wound up with bears. These cute little bear buttons were so darn cute I had to use them.

Even though I added buttons, I upon consultation with my mother thought the shape of the bear buttons would make them difficult to button up; therefore they became false buttons just for looks. I added snaps under the buttons to make the top easy to put on the little boy.

This bear patch goes with the bear buttons and bear theme.

When I got to the shorts the top of the shorts had a design that would suggest a draw string or ribbon to hold the shorts on the little baby, but this is a boy outfit so I got a length of rope that is classy looking.

Here is a close up just because, I had to knot the ends unfortunately for the edges didn’t sear though I was told that they would, oh well.
These booties also caused me a great deal of frustration. I generally crochet tightly so the first bootie was noticeably smaller than the second. I then pulled out the bootie yarn of the larger bootie and remade it but it turned out larger as well. I then made a completely new bootie and it matched the larger size one so I finally had the two booties.

Ok I got tagged by Ccat. I am supposed to do the following:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
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1st 7 facts about myself: Some random, Some weird. (you can choose which is which)
1. I have 4 brothers and no sisters.
2. I can not spell worth anything, thank goodness for spell check.
3. I just took a stain glass class with my father (it was a lot of fun).
4. Around finals I go on a frantic creative binge like I have all the time in the world when the opposite is true.
5. My worst recurring nightmare is that I lose my teeth. (I usually happens before a visit to the dentist)
6. I’m probably the only college student that goes to bed early Friday night.
7. I’m scared of the GRE.

2nd I am tagging Crochetroo, Mimi, & Tami.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Bookmarks + Baby Stuff + Stuffed Animal

It feels like it has been forever since my last post, I am stretched thin at the present with school and other commitments but awhile ago I crochet this cat called Amineko I got the pattern from Ccat’s website. First off I wanted to make the cat because I wanted to get rid of a tan color thread I got at a thrift store but I never really liked a lot. The tan thread is size 5 the brownish color is two different color browns I had that together make a size 5 thread which I hardly ever use. Second reason to make this cat was because I wanted to make something for my little brother. I gave him the option of an elephant, dog, cat, or rabbit and he chose this cat. He named it kitten, shortly after I made it for him he lost it which was sad because he was carrying it around everywhere with him. But eventually the cat was found hiding in a closet so I finally got to get a picture of him. (I used a size 1 hook on the cat if my memory does not fail me)

This delightful bookmark was designed by Ccat as well. Now I am normally not one for bookmarks with initials but I loved the delicate edging on this bookmark so I squeezed it into my crochet to do list. I as you can imagine have enough bookmarks so I made this bookmark with a friend’s initials as a gift. The initials are N & T by the way. I’ll have to make this bookmark again I enjoyed it so much. I used a size 7 hook I think.

This sweet hat comes from Mimi, she so kindly sent me the pattern that she designed. I did make some slight alterations I make 3 flowers instead of 1 and changed the edging around the hat’s brim so it would match the edging on a pair of booties I had made therefore I could give both away as one gift. I love the ripple effect of the brim and hope it makes some cute little girl look like a princess.

These booties I made from an old fashion pattern called Drawstring Booties, I thought the small grainy picture though poor showed a treasure and made them in bright pink for fun. I will have to make another pair when I have some measure of free time.

This is a Butterfly pattern I acquired on a foreign website which is called Fazendo Crochet. I doubled up on this variegated tatting thread that I got from my grandmother and used a size 11 or 12 hook. This pattern would do better in a solid color I believe, oh well. The butterfly I made was the pattern on the left or #23.

This bookmark is called Pretty Little Lady Bookmark my grandmother had an old magazine with this in it, sadly I can not remember the name of the magazine or date on it, I am not so slowly losing my memory. I started this a while ago but stopped due to a decrease in patience, but now it is finished.

Yet another Friendship Rings Bookmark, now I am getting tired of this pattern but, it is for the greater good of Christmas gifts, though I will take a break from this pattern for a while which will give me time to fall in love with another pattern.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spike Tissue Holder

Since I do not own the stitch style I used, I am substituting a different spike stitch variations to what I used. There is a Spike Stitch Introduction that also will be helpful if you are unfamiliar with this stitch.
Spike Tissue Holder

Thread Size 10 thread in 2 colors: Color 1 – black, Color 2 – pink
Hook Size 9 Steel (it has been a while since I have done this so I think this is the right hook)
Needle threader
Sewing Thread
3 Clasps

Make 2:
With color 1, Ch 62
1. Sc in 2nd ch from hk & all following sc.
2. (ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
3. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
4. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc (change to color 2).
5. use directions from row (B) 7 but only for 7 times not the 8 times it says to.
6. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
7. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
8. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
9. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc (change to color 1).
10. use directions from row (A) 13 but only for 7 times not the 8 times it says to.
11. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.)
12. repeat from ( to ) 3 times.
13. [ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.] repeat 12 times. With color 1 “the starting color”5. use directions from

When that is done you will have two halves, next connect the two sections with a sl st in each st across.

This joining will create a small joining bump. Get your small packet of tissues place it in the middle of your crocheted rectangle. Crab stitch along the sides the arrows are pointing to. (The red line is the sl st joining the two halves)

This is how it should look, then take the two edged and fold them over the tissue packet like you were wrapping a present. (White rectangle depicts where the tissue packet will go)

This is what you should see. Next crab stitch along the sides the arrows are pointing to. (The edges are folded like you would wrap a present with wrapping paper)

At this stage your tissue holder should look like the below picture except the middle edges pull away and you can see the tissue packet inside.

Finally you'll add fasteners with thread to the center seam so it will remain closed. I used 3, these clasps are invisible on the outside of the tissue holder. The red dots show the placing I used for the clasps. (The clasps should be attached on the inside of the tissue holder)

This is picture of clasp that is similar to what I used.

Your tissue holder should look like this now but the spike stitch pattern will be different.

This is the book that I borrowed that has the Spike Stitch pattern that I used for this pattern. If you have this book or can borrow this book, below is the pattern you use with it .
Make 2:
With color 1, Ch 62
1. Sc in 2nd ch from hk & all following sc.
2. (ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
3. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
4. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc (change to color 2).
5. ch 1, turn, sc in next 4 st, *Spike Stitch in all indicated stitches, sc in next 7 sts*, repeat from * to * 6 times, sc in last 4 sts.
6. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
7. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
8. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.
9. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc (change to color 2).
10. ch 1, turn, sc in next 8 st, *Spike Stitch in all indicated stitches, sc in next 7 sts*, repeat from * to * 6 times, sc in last 8 sts.
11. ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.)
12. repeat from ( to ) 3 times.
13. [ch 1, turn, sc in all sc.] repeat 12 times. With color 1 “the starting color”
Next go up to the top of this page and follow the rest of the steps.

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Bookmarks, New Thread, New Hook, New Spike Tissue Holder

The Friendship Rings Pattern is still one of my favorite patterns, so I made it finally in my favorite color. This I made while I was still in my summer 1st session semester. The blue thread is DMC color 182, size 8, I think.

I made this before the blue one but I couldn’t get the camera to focus correctly so I finally changed the color I put under the bookmark to help the camera distinguish between the white background and the white part of the bookmark. The variegated thread is Cannon SC 029 which I got from: Mimi.

This bookmark I made with my still new to me color I got from Florida, Aunt Lydia’s Dusty Rose. I ended up giving this to my mother, even thought I originally planned to make the Friendship Rings bookmarks as Christmas gifts.

This bookmark pattern was from an old magazine sadly I can’t tell you which one for I have made an effort to scan all my magazines into my computer this one included but the title of the bookmark is Lace Bookmarks of which it is Red & White Bookmark. This is a sadly unimaginative name. The designer’s name is Mary Rickles; the picture with the bookmark is unfortunately very grainy so I was not helped with the pattern by it. At the end of the bookmark I figured that I truly was supposed to only have five of the middle flowers instead of the nine I made and I didn’t add the tassel the pattern calls for.

Hopefully in the future this close up picture will help someone in my position. I also gave this bookmark to my mother. The pink color used in this bookmark is not the same as in the above bookmark, it is DMC size 5, color number 224.

After ordering form a new lady, Ricipy who lives in Paraguay, or there abouts I was able to obtain a new hot pink thread that caught my eye. The brand is Cléa and it contains 1000 meters which for me means 1093 yards! What can I say I have been on a pink kick.

As my grandmother, who I recently got on the bookmark bandwagon, pointed out to me there was a delightful new bookmark pattern floating about. I just had to try it out with my new thread. The pattern took me a little while to work out because the pineapples are not done in the conventional way but it was fun and quick.

Now this miniature tissue holder took me a little while for I found the stitch in a pattern book from the library but I was working out how to make that stitch into a tissue holder. Sadly it took me a whole summer session to finish.

When I get the time I will finish writing out the pattern minus the special stitch which is not mine, and share it. I used 3 invisible dress clasps to hold the middle edges together. It is extra long for easy fitting of the new tissue pouch into the holder. On this too I used my relatively new Aunt Lydia’s Dusty Rose color which I offset with black because it will show less dirt that way.

Last but not least I have to share the lovely new addition to my crochet supplies.

I got it on eBay from papadonh I love it; it is a size G now I have to get more yarn projects even though I love thread. I ended up carrying this around with me all day when I received it I was so excited.