Monday, December 24, 2007

Stain Glass & Snowflakes

It has been so long since I have last posted. Ok here is what I have been up to. I finished my finals got good grades, took the scary GRE and finished buying Christmas presents. Not to mention helping my mother bake 7 types of cookies. All right on to some of the things I have made.
This is what I made in my stain glass class. I at one point thought it would be horrible to look at because of the thickness of the black lines, though now I am content with what I made and pleased with it.
This is the piece that my father made, he is the one that encouraged me to take the class with him, and we had a great time together. Now our stain glass pieces are hanging in the windows together.
This is a Christmas present that I made for my cousin who loves sunflowers, I made 7 coasters for her, and why 7 you might ask. Well I made 6 and looked at the remaining yellow I had and I didn’t have much left and could make one more coaster so I did. I originally saw a picture of this coaster as an embellishment but decided it would work well as a coaster. So I zoomed into the picture and worked backwards to formulate the pattern and ended up with this. I saw this embellishment on Crochet con amor.

A number of months ago I came across a book by Delsie Rhoades called 101 Snowflakes at my local library. I borrowed it and started making snowflakes. The above snowflake is for a little girl I sit, she wanted her snowflake in bright pink. This snowflake is # 23 in the book.

This snowflake is for the afore mentioned little girl’s sister who also wanted bright pink. The snowflake is # 22.

I decided to make snowflakes this year as a gift for my Aunt who’s tree is what I call a designer tree with ornaments only in a couple of colors. Her tree is gold and white so I made the following ornaments in gold. This snowflake is # 57.

Also for my aunt this snowflake is # 8.

Another for my aunt this snowflake is # 19.

This one had and interesting stitch called Lover’s Knot, it is # 9.

I didn’t starch this one like the picture in the book, but it is # 13.

And Last but not least # 14.


Mimi said...

The stained glass projects are wonderful, and the snowflakes are lovely! And clever idea on the coaster. Did you use size 10 thread for those?

blueyes_crochet said...

Thanks Mimi, yes I used size 10 thread and hook size 6 on the snowflakes.

tami and todd said...

Your stain glass is AWESOME!! I am so jealous! Keep it up, you'll make more beautiful peices I'm sure.