Saturday, June 30, 2007

Post Finals Post

All righty then we ended up having to borrow my grandmother’s camera cord to download pictures to the computer for somehow we have misplaced our own, or I would have posted some of these pictures sooner. Here is the bottom landing of our stairs in the new wood flooring.

Here is a close up of the unusual corners on this landing; the pattern was the floorer’s idea, the floor turned out beautifully.

Cleaning out our upstairs and reorganizing some of the younger toys the boys still have in there room; we here have a collection of stuffed animals my grandmother made for us her grandchildren. The little girl in pink with an apron was made for me as a child as well as the white & pink bear that has roses on her. The rest were made for my other brothers.

Here is a bookmark I made during my spring session finals but lent to my grandmother as an example of the Undercover Bookmark before I got a good picture of it. It is a dark green that can’t be seen quite clearly in this picture.

In this picture you can see the color better; this is a close up of the top. This bookmark was designed by Kathryn White. I just love how elegant it looks.

Ok now you think with my love of books & bookmarks I would have taken a bookmark with me on my vacation to the beach but in the confusion leading up to the trip I took 3 books but no bookmarks! So I had to make myself a bookmark while I was there, both of these colors I picked up while in Florida because here in Arizona they do not stock these in the craft stores. I got the strawberry bookmark pattern here but it is the 3rd pattern down and there is no picture on the pattern website.

After I whipped up this bookmark my mom promptly started to nag me that she too needed a bookmark even though she had remembered to bring 2 of the bookmarks I made for her before the trip. She said that her third book didn’t have a proper bookmark. I caved in under the pressure and made a second strawberry bookmark but as usual I can’t leave well enough alone so I added this leave to the end where the tassel should be because I thought it would look better this way. This bookmark shows that I have this desire to make any bookmark that does not have a picture so I can have a picture for my bookmark files.

For the pattern of the leaf on the end of the strawberry:
Leaf End
1 sc in next 2 chs, 1hdc in next ch, 1dc in the next ch, 2tr in next 2chs, 1 tr in next ch, 1hdc in same ch, ch2 sl st in same ch, ch2, (now on opposite side of leaf) 1hdc in same ch, 1 tr in same ch, 2tr in next 2chs, 1dc in the next ch, 1hdc in next ch, 1 sc in next 2 chs.

This too I made while on vacation using 2 of the 3 new colors I bought on a pattern I picked up on Annie’s Attic Website. I was pleased with the resulting bookmark. The green color is called Frosty Green and is an Aunt Lydia’s brand as is the pink which is called Dusty Rose.

I love Kathryn White’s Undercover Bookmark so much I made it again while on vacation in my new turquoise blue which is officially: Aunt Lydia’s Parakeet color.

In the same color I made the other Butterfly Bookmark Pattern by Kathryn White. I figured that since I made the other 2 bookmarks by Kathryn White I should make this one as well.

Although I like the butterfly aspect of this bookmark I didn’t like the round circle portion at the end of the bookmark. Therefore I thought for a while about the perfect ending for this bookmark and settled on:
Triple Cluster Tassel End
sl st into the 5th chain from the end to form a loop.
In the loop created, *make 3 dc, holding back a lp on each dc, then on the last dc pull a loop through all 3, ch 3 sl st into the top of the 3dc cluster, ch 3*, repeat from * to * 3 times, then sl st into the ch 5 ring and finish off.
Since I live in Arizona the land of perpetual blinding sun I needed new sunglasses this year. And since I didn’t want the lenses to get scratched up this year I needed a sunglasses case so I looked for a stitch pattern that I thought was appealing and found the right pattern for my case.

I have yet to add a snap to this sunglasses case but I plan on doing so next. The nice thing about making this case was that it used up some extra yarn from the pink hats I made for my mom and me.

This bookmark I made at my brother’s request for a gift for his friend with the nickname daisy, it turned out nicely I think.

Ok yet again I have made another Friendship Rings Bookmark. I used Cannon SC039 which I got from Mimi; I love the effect this thread gives in this bookmark.
I have finally finished my 1st summer session and next Monday I get to start my new class this time I only have 1 class for the 2nd summer session I think I about died of stress having to rapid pace classes at once. I don’t recommend anyone follow my insanity.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Vacation & Hat

Ok for a quick recap I finished my spring semester finals and found I ended up with acceptable grades. I moved out of my room completely, as well as everyone upstairs. All my stuff was moved to my garage space, and I went to Florida for a 8 days. I stayed in this room of the condo.
I collected these:

& saw this in the evenings:

Fortunately I made this ahead of time, which was supposed to be my mother’s but she wanted alterations to the pattern made for her hat, & I refused to pull this hat out one more time so it became mine.

For my mother’s version I quadrupled the hook size, and double the length indicated by the red lines below Whereupon I finally finished it and made both mom and I happy (me to be done with the hat & her to receive it).

I relaxed read many books, knit, & crocheted and had fun.
When I got home I was in for the long hall with having my wood flooring uncompleted. There was also a decision along the way to tear out my wall and extend my room where a pot shelf was. Here is my handy dad working on my missing wall, you can see the incomplete flooring in the corner

This is the view from the hole in my wall; you can see how cozy it was with my brother’s beds lined up in the formal living room.

Here the dry wall is up, but floor is still unfinished.

I will leave you with a picture of a baby crab I happened upon while on the beach (I returned him to his watery home). In the corner you can see a blurry picture of my mom’s finished hat.

Oh my wall is not yet finished, but I am living in my room again and sleeping on my bed not the sofa. On a side note I am in the 1st summer session of school classes taking 2 classes, Intro Into Audiology & Intro into Phonetics (6 credit hours) and am about half way done.