Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snowflakes, Thread Purchase, & Viking Turkey Hat

This was my latest project for a family member. I found the pattern for the Viking Turkey Hat at the craftster site.

The wonderful model is my youngest brother Ben, doesn’t he look hilarious in the hat.

I got this wonderful order from Mimi on the 15th I was so excited I wasn’t sure I would get this order before the 25th but I got it, thanks Mimi. She even sent some extra stuff that was so sweet of her.

Here are some more snowflakes made at the same time as the others.

This snowflake was the first on this page. This was also the last one I crocheted.

This one has a few problems with it but I ignored them in order to increase quantity, this is #2.


I made a bunch of snowflakes for gifts, though this was stressful for at the same time I was studying for my finals.
This one is my most favorite, I ended up giving it to my mother and she hung it on her lamp in her bedroom, I thought that was sweet. This snowflake is the 3rd.

This snowflake is #8.

This one was the most surprising in the result for it turned out better than I thought, it is the 9th.

This pattern was designed by Julie A. Bolduc.

All the following I found on ChezCrochet, I made all the snowflakes except the last, the 15th. They turned out to look more similar than I thought they would unfortunately.

This is a picture from my brother’s birthday party on his lap is my friend Mya’s oldest son and she is holding her youngest son who is about 2 weeks old, isn’t he cute?