Saturday, August 14, 2010

Foreign Crocheted Bookmarks & Nail Tool Case

I managed to get my hands on a magazine called: Mailles la dentelle de bruges au crochet

If you want this magazine I suggest you Google the title of this magazine.

I was stunned by this picture.

I went ahead and made these bookmarks. I made these a while ago and wanted to share. If I remember right the thread size is 20. I can’t remember what hook size I used.

During my trip to Vermont my Grandma showed me her nail tool case which has been much loved. She asked me to make her a new one.

Because in little over 24 hours my two week break will be done and I will not own my life for the next year I quickly made some notes from the few pictures I took.

I made this case in one night and the following morning. I sent it off to my grandmother the day I finished it. If you like this case you have all the information you need from my diagram to make your very own case.

Till my next free moment.