Friday, October 13, 2006

This bookmark is named Victorian Ribbon & Lace Bookmark, Denise Augostine made this pattern, though I had to go to to accesses it. I had made this earlier but I needed to get the right color ribbon and was not satisfied with all I saw. With Halloween here I had a plethora of orange that I did not have before, I am pleased with the result.

This is another creation by Crochetroo in the Queensland Rockpools & Beaches Package . These color combinations are not my favorite, but I was pleased with the result anyway.

This is just a close up look.

I made one of these right away when I got the pattern but I was away from home and did not have my beads for the eye. So I made another with the eye because a blind Baby Sweet Lip is no fun. Pattern by Crochetroo.

When I saw Crochetroo's new Butterflies, dragon flies and moths from downunder - crochet bookmarks and motifs I was inspired to create a few new butterflies of my own, I also had a request to make a pink and purple one. If you want to make one of your very own go here.

This one I made with my mother in mind for I know her favorite color is red so hence the butterfly. Once I finished it I gave it to my mother and she was please with it.

No surprise this pattern also was created by Crochetroo and I thought it was fitting sense we are in the Halloween month. Specifically this is a Female Funnel Web.

Another close up.