Monday, August 20, 2007

New Bookmarks, New Thread, New Hook, New Spike Tissue Holder

The Friendship Rings Pattern is still one of my favorite patterns, so I made it finally in my favorite color. This I made while I was still in my summer 1st session semester. The blue thread is DMC color 182, size 8, I think.

I made this before the blue one but I couldn’t get the camera to focus correctly so I finally changed the color I put under the bookmark to help the camera distinguish between the white background and the white part of the bookmark. The variegated thread is Cannon SC 029 which I got from: Mimi.

This bookmark I made with my still new to me color I got from Florida, Aunt Lydia’s Dusty Rose. I ended up giving this to my mother, even thought I originally planned to make the Friendship Rings bookmarks as Christmas gifts.

This bookmark pattern was from an old magazine sadly I can’t tell you which one for I have made an effort to scan all my magazines into my computer this one included but the title of the bookmark is Lace Bookmarks of which it is Red & White Bookmark. This is a sadly unimaginative name. The designer’s name is Mary Rickles; the picture with the bookmark is unfortunately very grainy so I was not helped with the pattern by it. At the end of the bookmark I figured that I truly was supposed to only have five of the middle flowers instead of the nine I made and I didn’t add the tassel the pattern calls for.

Hopefully in the future this close up picture will help someone in my position. I also gave this bookmark to my mother. The pink color used in this bookmark is not the same as in the above bookmark, it is DMC size 5, color number 224.

After ordering form a new lady, Ricipy who lives in Paraguay, or there abouts I was able to obtain a new hot pink thread that caught my eye. The brand is Cléa and it contains 1000 meters which for me means 1093 yards! What can I say I have been on a pink kick.

As my grandmother, who I recently got on the bookmark bandwagon, pointed out to me there was a delightful new bookmark pattern floating about. I just had to try it out with my new thread. The pattern took me a little while to work out because the pineapples are not done in the conventional way but it was fun and quick.

Now this miniature tissue holder took me a little while for I found the stitch in a pattern book from the library but I was working out how to make that stitch into a tissue holder. Sadly it took me a whole summer session to finish.

When I get the time I will finish writing out the pattern minus the special stitch which is not mine, and share it. I used 3 invisible dress clasps to hold the middle edges together. It is extra long for easy fitting of the new tissue pouch into the holder. On this too I used my relatively new Aunt Lydia’s Dusty Rose color which I offset with black because it will show less dirt that way.

Last but not least I have to share the lovely new addition to my crochet supplies.

I got it on eBay from papadonh I love it; it is a size G now I have to get more yarn projects even though I love thread. I ended up carrying this around with me all day when I received it I was so excited.