Friday, May 23, 2008

Bookmark, Coasters, & Sunglasses Case

I have been extremely busy lately I graduated a couple weeks ago. That was the beginning of the craziness. Since I did not get into graduate school I looked into how I could use my bachelors’ degree. I can work in the school system as a Speech Language Assistant or as a Speech Language Technician. To do the Assistant work I don’t have to do anything but do as the Speech Therapist says. But to do the Technician job I have a laundry list of to do items, why do that job then it pays more and sounds more interesting. So I am scrambling to obtain 150 observation hours with a certified Speech Language Pathologist (a speech therapist). I have had hardly any time to think. The projects below were made a while ago not recently.

This is a Lacy Clover Bookmark I obtained the pattern from Ccat’s website. I love her patterns; I have not been timely about presenting the final product though, sorry Ccat.

This is a sunglasses case if you didn’t recognize it. Since my mother admired my previous sunglasses case I made this for her for mother’s day. See these really were made a long time ago. Hopefully you noticed the hearts; I had to utilize the heart pattern from a large book of quilt patterns and change the heart pattern into a sunglasses case.

These are coasters; I actually made about 20 of these out of scrap fabric. I gave these to various people. I decided to utilize my scrap stash.

Here is a view from the back of the coasters.

This is a swan barometer; the beak is still open so the yellow water could come out if tipped just right. I obtained this barometer in my Materials & Civilization class in the glass blowing area on the Arizona State university campus. The swan started life as a tube. This glass blowing place normally makes glass tools for the chemistry students. I obtained this from my professor; I greatly wanted it so when he offered me it I jump to get it.