Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sorry it has been so long since my last post a lot has happened since them. I currently am on a sewing binge I every so often get obsessed in one of the number of crafts I have taken classes in and am now obsessed with sewing. I found this lovely corduroy fabric at Wal-Mart

I decided I wanted to make a circular needle case to take out my few of those types of needles from the drawer in which I kept them.

Here is a view of the right side of the needle album.

Here is the right side of the above view.

Here is the case flipped two pockets to the right.

Here is the opposite of the 3rd picture.

As you have seen when I make one I feel like making another. I picked up the fabrics of the next needle case from Michaels what few fat quarters they have.

Now in this picture you can see from each different pattern on the fabrics where the pockets are.

I had to show you the inner two pockets.

And the view of more pockets.

Here is a larger view of the whole.

Since in the sewing mood I made this Crochet hook case for the few hooks that didn’t fit in my other two cases.

Here it is unrolled; I just love this bright fabric.

This is a sun glasses case I made out of scraps from the Circular Knitting Needle case above.

Here is a close up of the opening where I added snaps.
And the other side of the snaps.

I also have been inspired to finish up some of the projects I have laying around uncompleted. I had originally 15 incompletes on my list and I am down to nine, although I have thrown in some projects not on the list purely for the fun of it.

I have to mention I am graduating from my undergraduate degree in May unfortunately I was not accepted into the Speech programs where I have applied for my Masters degree. And I can’t be a speech therapist till I get that degree. Despite this development I am determined to reapply after working in the speech field as a technician for a year.