Friday, October 05, 2007

Bookmarks + Baby Stuff + Stuffed Animal

It feels like it has been forever since my last post, I am stretched thin at the present with school and other commitments but awhile ago I crochet this cat called Amineko I got the pattern from Ccat’s website. First off I wanted to make the cat because I wanted to get rid of a tan color thread I got at a thrift store but I never really liked a lot. The tan thread is size 5 the brownish color is two different color browns I had that together make a size 5 thread which I hardly ever use. Second reason to make this cat was because I wanted to make something for my little brother. I gave him the option of an elephant, dog, cat, or rabbit and he chose this cat. He named it kitten, shortly after I made it for him he lost it which was sad because he was carrying it around everywhere with him. But eventually the cat was found hiding in a closet so I finally got to get a picture of him. (I used a size 1 hook on the cat if my memory does not fail me)

This delightful bookmark was designed by Ccat as well. Now I am normally not one for bookmarks with initials but I loved the delicate edging on this bookmark so I squeezed it into my crochet to do list. I as you can imagine have enough bookmarks so I made this bookmark with a friend’s initials as a gift. The initials are N & T by the way. I’ll have to make this bookmark again I enjoyed it so much. I used a size 7 hook I think.

This sweet hat comes from Mimi, she so kindly sent me the pattern that she designed. I did make some slight alterations I make 3 flowers instead of 1 and changed the edging around the hat’s brim so it would match the edging on a pair of booties I had made therefore I could give both away as one gift. I love the ripple effect of the brim and hope it makes some cute little girl look like a princess.

These booties I made from an old fashion pattern called Drawstring Booties, I thought the small grainy picture though poor showed a treasure and made them in bright pink for fun. I will have to make another pair when I have some measure of free time.

This is a Butterfly pattern I acquired on a foreign website which is called Fazendo Crochet. I doubled up on this variegated tatting thread that I got from my grandmother and used a size 11 or 12 hook. This pattern would do better in a solid color I believe, oh well. The butterfly I made was the pattern on the left or #23.

This bookmark is called Pretty Little Lady Bookmark my grandmother had an old magazine with this in it, sadly I can not remember the name of the magazine or date on it, I am not so slowly losing my memory. I started this a while ago but stopped due to a decrease in patience, but now it is finished.

Yet another Friendship Rings Bookmark, now I am getting tired of this pattern but, it is for the greater good of Christmas gifts, though I will take a break from this pattern for a while which will give me time to fall in love with another pattern.