Friday, October 05, 2007

Bookmarks + Baby Stuff + Stuffed Animal

It feels like it has been forever since my last post, I am stretched thin at the present with school and other commitments but awhile ago I crochet this cat called Amineko I got the pattern from Ccat’s website. First off I wanted to make the cat because I wanted to get rid of a tan color thread I got at a thrift store but I never really liked a lot. The tan thread is size 5 the brownish color is two different color browns I had that together make a size 5 thread which I hardly ever use. Second reason to make this cat was because I wanted to make something for my little brother. I gave him the option of an elephant, dog, cat, or rabbit and he chose this cat. He named it kitten, shortly after I made it for him he lost it which was sad because he was carrying it around everywhere with him. But eventually the cat was found hiding in a closet so I finally got to get a picture of him. (I used a size 1 hook on the cat if my memory does not fail me)

This delightful bookmark was designed by Ccat as well. Now I am normally not one for bookmarks with initials but I loved the delicate edging on this bookmark so I squeezed it into my crochet to do list. I as you can imagine have enough bookmarks so I made this bookmark with a friend’s initials as a gift. The initials are N & T by the way. I’ll have to make this bookmark again I enjoyed it so much. I used a size 7 hook I think.

This sweet hat comes from Mimi, she so kindly sent me the pattern that she designed. I did make some slight alterations I make 3 flowers instead of 1 and changed the edging around the hat’s brim so it would match the edging on a pair of booties I had made therefore I could give both away as one gift. I love the ripple effect of the brim and hope it makes some cute little girl look like a princess.

These booties I made from an old fashion pattern called Drawstring Booties, I thought the small grainy picture though poor showed a treasure and made them in bright pink for fun. I will have to make another pair when I have some measure of free time.

This is a Butterfly pattern I acquired on a foreign website which is called Fazendo Crochet. I doubled up on this variegated tatting thread that I got from my grandmother and used a size 11 or 12 hook. This pattern would do better in a solid color I believe, oh well. The butterfly I made was the pattern on the left or #23.

This bookmark is called Pretty Little Lady Bookmark my grandmother had an old magazine with this in it, sadly I can not remember the name of the magazine or date on it, I am not so slowly losing my memory. I started this a while ago but stopped due to a decrease in patience, but now it is finished.

Yet another Friendship Rings Bookmark, now I am getting tired of this pattern but, it is for the greater good of Christmas gifts, though I will take a break from this pattern for a while which will give me time to fall in love with another pattern.


Mimi said...

The baby hat and booties look perfect together!
Your bookmarks are lovely as usual!

Tracy said...

The butterfly is lovely. The pattern seems to be quite different from what I've seen too. :-)

blueyes_crochet said...

Mimi thanks for your sweet comments. Tracy I finally found the website where the pattern is located and updated my page if you want to make one of your own.

Tracy said...

Thanks. I also found the same patterns in my collection....I couldn't remember when I got it. :)

Tracy said...

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tami and todd said...

Cute kitty! I love the hat and booties especially! I'm glad you stopped by, I switched computers and lost the bookmark to your page :(

tami and todd said...

So I'm glad to say that you have officially been added to my favorites list on my blog! Keep making all those cute things you make!

Anonymous said...

I love these friendship ring bookmarks. I realize it has been awhile since you posted these, but do you still have the pattern and would you share it? I have searched high and low on the www and cannot find it.

Sandra Akins

p.s. love your blog :)

blueyes_crochet said...


Thanks for your compliment, Ok here is my quandary. I can not legally share the pattern because I could be sued for copyright infringement. Send me a private email and we can continue talking. My email is