Friday, September 22, 2006

This bookmark is named 3 Grannies Bookmark, Julie A. Bolduc made this wonderful pattern, though I altered it slightly. I used four instead of three and I surrounded it with new thread I got from Mimi, specifically Anchor Lifestyles Kam08.

This bookmark I had no pattern for though I saw many fan bookmarks that inspired it. I used a thread I got from Mimi, though this one was Cannon SC006.

This bookmark was an older pattern I can't remember where online I got it but it required 5 flowers equally distributed over it. I did not appreciate that idea so I made one and added it as a tail to the end of a chain. This also was a new thread I got from Mimi, Anchor Lifestyles Kam12.

This one was make from a yellow I got at a local craft store. The pattern though is online created by Claudia Garza.

I have been busy lately so that is my excuse for not posting sooner. Two tests down and one more to go on Monday.