Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wall Hanging

I’ve been a little busy with lots and lots of school so hence the no posting. Since I’ve moved to Georgia I’ve done more sewing than crocheting. I know my site is called the crocheted bookmark but my most recent crafts have been sewing or quilting so if you don’t like it don’t look. :)

I saw this book, don’t ask me what is called I can’t speak Japanese. You might on a good day find this book at Super Buzzy’s which sells Japanese fabric, books etc. but there is no guarantee.

In the book I saw two pictures which inspired me.

I thought I have an empty wall and could use a wall hanging so I eventually came up with this.

So I used Texas Freckles’ hexagons that you can print and cut out. I hand sewed together all these 1in hexagons and proceeded to make a mini quilt. The yellow matches my kitchen; the green matches my living room curtains. The tricky part was piecing my backing to have loops in it so I could thread a dowel through them and hang it from the wall.

I cut and pinned the edges and hand sewed the edges so I didn’t have to use a binding which I felt would ruin the finished look.

This project only took all summer but before you think I am slow or lazy I had 2 summer classes and clinic duty. I also travelled to Arizona and Vermont. I am very glad I now have a two week break. Below is the completed wall hanging.

Oh here is a picture of the condo my family stayed at.

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savvy stitch said...

I am obsessed with the quilt in the 3rd picture down. It is INCREDIBLE.