Friday, June 15, 2007

Vacation & Hat

Ok for a quick recap I finished my spring semester finals and found I ended up with acceptable grades. I moved out of my room completely, as well as everyone upstairs. All my stuff was moved to my garage space, and I went to Florida for a 8 days. I stayed in this room of the condo.
I collected these:

& saw this in the evenings:

Fortunately I made this ahead of time, which was supposed to be my mother’s but she wanted alterations to the pattern made for her hat, & I refused to pull this hat out one more time so it became mine.

For my mother’s version I quadrupled the hook size, and double the length indicated by the red lines below Whereupon I finally finished it and made both mom and I happy (me to be done with the hat & her to receive it).

I relaxed read many books, knit, & crocheted and had fun.
When I got home I was in for the long hall with having my wood flooring uncompleted. There was also a decision along the way to tear out my wall and extend my room where a pot shelf was. Here is my handy dad working on my missing wall, you can see the incomplete flooring in the corner

This is the view from the hole in my wall; you can see how cozy it was with my brother’s beds lined up in the formal living room.

Here the dry wall is up, but floor is still unfinished.

I will leave you with a picture of a baby crab I happened upon while on the beach (I returned him to his watery home). In the corner you can see a blurry picture of my mom’s finished hat.

Oh my wall is not yet finished, but I am living in my room again and sleeping on my bed not the sofa. On a side note I am in the 1st summer session of school classes taking 2 classes, Intro Into Audiology & Intro into Phonetics (6 credit hours) and am about half way done.


Mimi said...

The hat is pretty, where did you get the pattern?
I love to collect shells too, those you have are very colorful and interesting.

blueyes_crochet said...

I got the pattern from a booklet called Crochet Hip Hats designed by Mary Estok Nolfi. The pink hat was named First Mate. Here is a link to a picture of the front cover:

tami and todd said...

What an awesome trip, I'm jealous. And I have to share... I think it's so funny or ironic, I was at the store looking at some crochet patterns & came across one for bookmarks & I thought "I haven't checked up on her for a while," and when I got home there was a comment from you! Hehe, so funny!