Monday, January 14, 2008

Snowflakes, Hacky Sacks, Sewing...

Ok here I go. “A number of months ago I came across a book by Delsie Rhoades called 101 Snowflakes at my local library. I borrowed it and started making snowflakes.” You remember that from last post this time I have more I made but had not yet taken pictures of. Here is #1 from that book. All the following I made for my mother, she said she wished she had more of my snowflakes, which I was giving away as Christmas presents. Some of the snowflakes below were a finials project one of many I started around finals.
This is #3 from the book.

This booklet is the one I got the below angel pattern form.

This angel pattern from a booklet called Angels, Snowflakes, & Garlands designed by Anne Halliday. I looked around specifically for angel patterns because they are what my mother collects. I made 4 of these angels as gifts this year.

This is #8 in white; I made this one in gold first.

While searching for angel ornament patterns I came across this used booklet I bought it.

And here is the only ornament I have made from it so far.

And this is #27 from the book by Delsie Rhoades called 101 Snowflakes.

And another # 14, that I made in gold for my Aunt and my mother really admired it so I made another in white.

And another #28.

And another # 61, you can see I really went to town on snowflakes this year.

I made # 33 for one of the girls I watch and it was too small in her estimation so I made her a different one. This was the second of this number I had made.

# 84 I love this one it is very delicate looking, well I love all of them really.

And last but not least # 88, which I made two of as well. All the snowflakes in this post went to my sweet mother.

Ok on to other things now I come to my brother who loves to play with these. He had asked me once if I would make him some more and I told him it was cheaper to buy them at $3 a piece than to spend the time it would take to make them. So all of these he purchased himself except the red one which is really the Psychotic Tomato designed by Regina Rioux Gonzalez aka Lady Linoleum.

I after many, many, many, trials of other peoples hacky sack patterns and they were not the right size or look right…. I proceeded to copy one of the existing hacky sacks my brother bought. And finally I got the first striped one.

After that I proceeded to make another striped one.

Then feeling like a change I was going to make a pokadoted yellow and black one but the pokadots were so time consuming I made only two stripes of yellow pokadots on black. Resulting in the below ball.

Next I decided to go full force and make pokadots, as one of my brother’s other hacky sacks had. This was very time consuming. I was also stealing away my brother’s hacky sacks so I could try to imitate them, thankfully I was not caught and my brother loved the hacky sacks when he got them on Christmas and very surprised.

These below pajamas were also another finals project I decided I would make around finals, like I had time to do that no. I didn’t finish these till January.

Another set of pajamas, I have to tell you they are so soft it is like one of those super soft stuffed animals but all over when I wear them.

Yet another project was this sewing pincushion trash bag set. My mother has one and it makes her sewing projects so nice the bag is for thread clippings as you sew or other fabric trash. The pincushion is for when you take out the pins as you sew.

Here is a picture of it on the wrong side of the serger machine. It is supposed to go on the right side.

After I made one I proceeded to make another out of remnants from my flannel quilt. It is more fun the second time through a pattern and quicker at least for me.

This thread was sitting in my thread bin annoying me for it was to thick for my normal thread work and to thin for yarn so I whipped out my new Crochet magazine and made Sunny Spread Squares out of it. These are all the squares I could make before the thread ran out. I feel much better about having these squares in my bin than that thread.

Oh here is a picture of the magazine I got the pattern out of.

Now my crochet hooks have a nice case to hold them but my knitting needles do not so I found the below pattern and made a Knitting needle case.

And here is what I ended up with; I received the most compliments from the male members of my family than I had ever received before. You see they liked the camo fabric which I got because it was a remnant and on sale. It was really gratifying I’ll have to make something in camo again soon.

And here is what I ended up with; I received the most compliments from the male members of my family than I had ever received before. You see they liked the camo fabric which I got because it was a remnant and on sale. It was really gratifying I’ll have to make something in camo again soon.

I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug so I bought some more fabric to match the brown ribbon I had from the camo knitting needle case.

I was able to make not one but two more knitting needle cases because I didn’t have to make the extra crochet hook flap so on the first case I had brown on the outside.

Here is the inside.

And I made the second case blue on the outside.

Here is a peek inside it.

With how crafty I have been lately I needed more storage so I bought some plastic storage bins to store and spread out what I have. And that concludes this post I’m glad aren’t you?


tami and todd said...

I LOVE those hook holders, they are so awesome with awesome fabric... very nice! Plus, those snowflakes must've looked beautiful on christmas trees, I wish I was on your gift giving list ;)

Mimi said...

Ooh...all those snowflakes and angels are lovely! The camo hook holder is cool...and you've got really good sewing skills.
I remember the hacky sacks I made several years ago, it looks about the same as yours. I made them in different cool designs that my son and his classmates have ordered from me. Too bad, I didn't have a camera then. Now, I'm not inspired to make some more, since no one's bugging me to make him one ;)

Stitchlily said...

Love the Hackey Sack. I was doing demos in crocheting at a Festival and some boys came up to me to see if I was selling any. I wasnt, but managed to persuade them to sit down and have a go at crocheting so they could make their own. I had never made them before. Might have a go after seeing your lovely photos

nancy13881 said...

do you still have your hacky sac pattern? please email it to me if you dont mind. i have a teenage son.

firstofmany said...

Do you have a hacky sack pattern that you like? Mine has come out kind of wonky. Also, what did you us for filling?

blueyes_crochet said...

First off Nancy 13881 and Firstofmany I am sorry I had not gotten back to you sooner life has been crazy. I do have the hacky sack pattern I posted it here That is the exact pattern I used. The pattern is kind of strange but I got it off a already completed hacky sack it was the only one I liked based on the look of the hacky sack. I used Poly Pellets as the filling I got them from the craft store from the same section as the batting and stuffing. If you have any further questions I promise I will get back to you in a more reasonable time frame. email me at