Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gollum Hat, & Bookmarks

I did it I make my own, my precious, Gollum Hat I didn’t think I would make it to the final product but I did. After going shopping way far away to get the right kind of yarn but incidentally not the kind used by Lady Linoleum for the store didn’t stock the yarn. The hat is made out of Cotton classic yarn made by Stacy Charles Inc. Sadly I still paid to much money for supplies but do I regret that no. After making the crown of the hat two previous times with a sizes C hook then a steel hook #1 it still was looking too big. So I did the smart thing and made a swatch with a #4 I found the right size hook. Note to self if I make another hat I will make the swatch like the directions indicate, which I normally ignore. I finally made all the parts while on spring break but needed to consult the Lady herself for more direct guiding about the placing of the ears. I do not know if I am perfectly happy with the position of the ears but I’ll live with them unless I see a more perfect orientation.

The inspiration for this bookmark came from Ccat she apparently fiddled around with her hook and came up with the pattern I love her picture of it so I attempted to recreate it from her picture. I think I was somewhat successful though I chose to make it in a red color.

When I showed this to my mom she made a playful attempt to acquire it without me seeing so I told her she could have it after I took a picture of it. I know I’ve had success when my mother wants the result.

This is another creation by Ccat but she sweetly placed a pattern on her site so I made one and decided to try it again in a solid color.

The result of the solid color pleased me but was extremely difficult to capture without it being at all fuzzy.

Here is the non fuzzy close up.

This bookmark I had seen a number of places on foreign websites and non foreign websites so took the time to work out the pattern from the pictures I found and voila I have my own fishy.

A better look

The following bookmarks come from Crochetroo’s Sea Creatures from the Australian Coast. As soon as I got these patterns I had to make the dolphin, but as you will notice in the close up there is no eye present for I didn’t have any beads with me when I left the house so …. a blind dolphin was the result.

I’m blind

Well next came Mr. Great White Shark who can see.

You have to get a close up on him

Last but not least is the Mile-A-Minute Heart Bookmark this pattern came
From Gram of Crochetville who so kindly let me see into her creative mind. The first I made was a sad creation so I will not show it here but happily I was able to learn from my mistakes and produce this one.


Mimi said...

I love your bookmarks, thanks for sharing the links ;) The dolphin is my fave... The Gollum Hat is cute too!

ladylinoleum said...

Your Gollum Hat is faboo! The bookmarks are beautiful too!

tami and todd said...

I really really really like that flower bookmark, so I think I'm going to have to give it a try! What size of hook to you usually use for those little things?

blueyes_crochet said...

I believe I used a size 8 for the varigated and 9 for the solid flower.