Friday, March 02, 2007

Bookmarks... Butterflies & A Psychotic Tomato

I got this sweet bookmark from Allyson, thanks I have yet to make any kitty cat bookmarks.

This bookmark I made from Precious Crochet Rose with Leaves pattern for Cay. I just added a long chain with a leaf at the end of the chain.

And a nice close up of the rose.

Cay sent me this lovely bookmark. It is much nicer than the pic shows.

This pattern I got from the Crochet-A-Day calendar for February 14th, this shows how behind I am I made this before Valentines Day.
This pattern I got from a website that was in a foreign language but the picture looked cute. This is the 2nd pattern on the page. I have not decided what to do with this I might sew it onto a tote bag you can never have to many bags. Ok you do not have to read the instructions I just looked at the diagram the symbols are almost identical to the American symbols. I used Cannon SC 044 for this butterfly.

This is the 1st pattern on the page it was made in a circle but is then folded in half. This butterfly is destined to be made into a decretive pin, my mother made it known she wants this one, many people have called it the 3-D butterfly. I recently have been looking at crochet patterns in foreign languages as you can see; there are some lovely patterns out there. I used Cannon SC 039 for this butterfly.

This is the Psychotic Tomato designed by Regina Rioux Gonzalez aka Lady Linoleum. It ended up the size of an orange with steel hook size 1; it is stuffed with black beans to my mothers chagrin. I gave this to my brother who likes bean bags.

A profile view

This is Cheri’s Fancy Filigree Bookmark; it turned out so nice though I changed the tassel from a curly cue to a dc circle with Cheri’s little 3 picot stitch in the middle of the circle. This bookmark is supposed to go to another if I could just get my act together.

For this Fancy Filigree Bookmark I used thread I got on clearance, not enough for a doily but enough for a bookmark. I gave it as a gift to someone recently.

I started this bookmark a while ago, but the White Clover Bookmark was stubborn and I had problems on the last clover before the tassel, it wouldn’t lay right so I packed it away till I had more patience. Which I had lately so I conquered the last clover then I decided I wanted a clover in the topmost ring though the pattern calls for two tassels one on top and another on the bottom, I made a call as my taste dictated. Seeing as how Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner I thought it was time to present this.

I originally made this Fancy Crocheted Cross Bookmark designed by Cheri with Cannon SC 039 but that was not the right color for this bookmark for I think solid colors are the best for this design.

The following bookmarks come from Crochetroo’s Butterflies, dragon flies and moths from downunder Motifs. I finally cleared off my to do list and was in the right mood for these lovely creations. This Tiger Moth was made Anchor KAM 14, in my Language Acquisition class on a boring day.

The best part about this Tiger Moth is the wings I love how Crochetroo designed them they are so unique.

Below is the Cairns Birdwing made from Anchor KAM 08. If you notice the antennae they are different from the pictures of Crochetroo’s Cairns Birdwing, can’t see try the next pic.

I realized as I was making the 1st antenna the one I was making was not the same I followed the instructions provided and since Crochetroo translates her lovely patterns from the Australian version to American one dc was missed but I liked how it looked so made the 2nd antenna the same as the first I think it turned out darlingly.

And I absolutely love the dragonfly pattern, so I kept on making them.

This was made with my new Cannon SC 029 that I sadly hadn’t gotten to use yet but purchased it before Christmas.

This was made with my new Cannon SC 044.

This was made with my old favorite Anchor KAM 14.

This was made with my new Cannon SC 036.


Mimi said...

Pretty bookmarks, Ashley! I esp. like the rose bookmark... and the butterflies and dragonflies using the variegated threads, cute and colorful! The psychotic tomato is adorable, I know my son would want that. But I cant show this to him yet, since I still dont have time to make it :p

ladylinoleum said...

Ashley, lovely stuff! Can I post your tomato in the gallery? I am doing some website updates this weekend.

blueyes_crochet said...

Thanks for the comments, Mimi I can relate but at least he likes the stuff you make. Lady Linoleum sure you can use the tomato I made, it was a fun item to create.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a dragonfly crochet pattern and found your posting. they are so lovely, would it be possible to share pattern.

blueyes_crochet said...

The butterfly bookmark can be purchased from CrochetRoo from her online etsy shop.

Here is the link to the shop:

Hope that helps :)