Thursday, February 22, 2007


The next best thing to bookmarks is a good book and I mean the really good book. I just had to share some of the wonderful books I have read lately. To start off with the book that got me going on a reading binge again. Now I am cynical when it comes to books probably because I have read too many books that are not good. I was at Barns and Noble picking up my Crochet-a-day calendar when it was on sale in January when my shopping buddy, my mother wanted to investigate some new reading material. So I went of the Science Fiction/Fantasy area and began reading the backs of some books when I came across Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. A book about a girl who became a poison taster, this was not your typical start to most Fantasy books so I decided to take a chance and buy the book. I love this book; it is the type that made me want to stay up all night to finish it because I can’t put it down.

When I finished it I was thrilled to find out there was a sequel Magic Study. Which I immediately made plans to acquire the next possible opportunity.

After I finished Magic Study I was disappointed that the next book Fire Study was not yet published, so I decided I needed to find another book that was good. Before I did that I got a hold of the audio version of Poison Study, and Magic Study and had my mother and brother listen to them, they loved the books. My father just left on a business trip so I loaded his ipod with both books and last I heard he finished Poison Study and loved it.

Now the next step of finding a really good book was before me that was not an easy order because I am very picky I generally do not deviate from my prescribed criteria for choosing a book 1. It has to have a female author (why because I can get into those books the quickest) & 2. it has to have a female protagonist (because I for obvious reasons relate to girls the best) Now do not get me wrong I will read outside my criteria but I have found that my favorite books almost always are in this structure.

I found the next book in much the same way I did the first with my mom shopping at the bookstore and me killing time reading the backs of books. I found The Magician’s Guild by Trudi Canavan, this also was a book that I wanted to stay up at night reading, but this book was the first book in a trilogy. I then had to go out and get the next book and before you know it I finished the trilogy.

My next goal is to get all three books unabridged on audio without having to give and arm and a leg to buy them (so I can crochet and listen to them). Imagine my excitement when I found out there is a Prequel book as well as a Sequel trilogy to The Black Magician Trilogy I just finished, the only sad thing is they are not published yet.

Anyway I am back on the prowl if anyone has a suggestion feel free to let me know for I am in the mood to read, the only bad part is I cant read and crochet at the same time which is why I am a big fan of audio books.

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Justin said...

Hey Ashley! I'm glad you have found some good new books! I wanted to talk to you and catch up soon. I will be working a lot this weekend but I will try to connect soon. Love, Justin