Friday, February 09, 2007


I made these before Christmas and was asked by a little girl why I had doilies hanging from my ears. I endeavored to explain to her that they were snowflakes but seeing as how she has been born in Arizona and does not yearly see snow she was still puzzled. The pattern for these was created by Starr.

This I made to hide my necessities and organize my purse. I had to come up with this pattern on my own because there was no pattern for one that looked appealing to me and was available for my use.

This is an old fashion purse pattern Lotus Flower Bag

When I originally viewed this bag the picture is small and grainy but I thought it would turn out nicely so I made it. I used a steel hook #5 there is not hook size given for the pattern. I gave this finished product to a little girl who I thought would enjoy it.

Here is the large picture.

This is a hat called X’s & O’s by Dot Matthews. I made it to rid myself of my yarn stash.

This hat and scarf I made for my mom because she expressed a desire for a hat and scarf I took her to the store and had her pick out a pattern she liked as well as the appropriate color. She has since told me she wants more embellishments on the hat.

This is the book I got the patterns from

But my mom decided she wanted a combination of these two hats so I had to be creative in combining the patterns. But she did want the scarf in the second picture.

This is my dad modeling his head light he got for Christmas, to read books in bed at night without bothering my mom with the light. He just harvested some lettuce from the garden when it was dark out hence his use of the light. He intentionally was trying to be silly for this picture in case you are wondering.

This is another Larynx I made, to fix the problems with the first model and come up with a pattern as I created it that was easier to duplicate. The first Larynx I gave to my teacher of the anatomy class.

This is an eyeball I made for my mother’s Surgeon who helped with surgery right above her eye. He had talked at length with my mother about passages in the bible that contained reference to the evil eye. So I sent this eye with her on her next appointment to go along with the bible passages she looked up. The pattern is from Regina Rioux Gonzalez aka Lady Linoleum in the 2007 Crochet-A-Day calendar.

These delightful creations are by Crochetroo specifically Christmas Beetles. This brown one is Closed Wings. I had these done for a little while but waited to post because I couldn’t get the pictures quite right on the black and green beetles, oh well.

Close up

This green one is the Full Flight Wings

Another Close Up

And this is the Open Wings version.
At least you can see this one better on the close up. These bookmarks I can actually get my brothers excited about not like my hearts and flowers bookmarks. I love all of Crochetroo’s creations and can hardly wait to see what she comes up with next.

Ok I hope you have guessed what this is; it is an anatomical heart bookmark. I was inspired by Girl Kris’s Ami-tomical Heart so I thought I could make my own anatomical heart bookmark easy to say harder to do, but here it is.

And I had to add a close up.


Jen said...

Awesome... love the heart bookmark. I would totally buy that pattern - my sister-in-law loves to crochet funky stuff like that! (and howdy to a fellow Arizonian!)

Mimi said...

Wonderful projects, you've been busy! I think that pink purse would make a lovely evening bag also in silver gray...
The eyeball is cute, I would like to make one too and put a keyring on it as my son would love to have it on his bag.

tami and todd said...

What a beautiful little purse... I love it & think it would be fabulous to use for special occasions where you dress up but need to keep special items close, ya know!