Sunday, June 18, 2006

Crochetroo's Bookmarks Cont.

This Tang Fish bookmark I crocheted a couple of days ago. This is the last of Crochetroo's Fish From The Great Barrier Reef. I used a thread I got from Jackie Lim called Cannon SCO30.

I recieved this Orange Sea Star Pattern from Crochetroo and it is simply lovely and easy to whip out. I used a simple yellow thread on this one.

I made this turtle last night while I was watching TV.

Following that I made this Taipan Snake.

Then I made this Turle Hatchling.

I recently have become interested in art more by brother has a talent for drawing so I asked him to draw me something for Chrsitmas so he drew me this Blue Rose.

For my birthday this month I asked for an oil painting and so I got this at painted with oil. The original is called Work Interrupted by William Bouguereau.

Then From Ebay I got a dragon drawing. I love Sci-Fi so this appealed to me and reminded me of the book Eragon and the dragon Saphira in it.

These next two pictures I picked up from a Changing Hands Bookstore I love the artist Amy Brown and I had recently decided to have a dark green and blue theme in my bathroom so these two went well. Last week I had them custom matted, that was more than I thought it would be and then Michaels had a 40% off frames so I framed them and my dragon picture.

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