Saturday, July 01, 2006

Its has been awhile

It has been awhile since I have posted so to catch up this is the bookmark I created for Esta who was my partner for the great bookmark exchange. I was inspired to use the this thread I got from Jackie Lim instead of yellow and white of the pattern’s picture which all the centers were yellow and the outside was white so this is my rendition.

The above is a picture I found on webshots and I really enjoyed I was so inspired that I felt I should make a doily of the colors I saw in this picture.

This was the closest I came to the colors in the afore mentioned picture. I wish I had a mixture of the yellow and orange colors to more accurately capture the look of it but this was the best I could do.

This is a Northern Territory Crocodile which came from Crochetroo and her lovely mind I love the creativity she has. I made this during a boring portion of my Anatomy and Physiology class I am taking.

This Gecko I created so I would have made all of Crochetroo’s creations to that date except her spider collection. I made this Gecko when I was taking a break from studying for a test of my Anatomy and Physiology class (don’t fret I got a good grade). I was also listening to The Magicians of Caprona by Diana Wynne Jones all in all I was having a good time.

This is the wonderful package I received from Esta I was thrilled getting this package and felt guilty I had not sent her as exciting a package. Notice the lovely bookmark.

This butterfly bookmark is lovely it is made out of a sparkly silver blue thread and has wonderful beads of many colors in the body and wings of the butterfly. Thank you so much Esta I love it!

This bookmark was originally supposed to be a sunflower bookmark but since I love the color blue I used a lovely thread that my grandmother got me for Christmas this past year and I still have a bit of it left. It turned out really nicely, at least I think so.

This bookmark I received from my brother what was in Yucatan, Mexico for the past 5 weeks as a foreign exchange student. I sent him the blue tongued lizard I previously posted and he so sweet as to bring me back this special gift. I have not posted earlier becasue of school as well as the fact my family had the camera and were on vacation with it.

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cupcake said...

Crickey gee what a fantastic job you have done with all these book marks! I am really impressed. I am so glad that they break the day between your speach path studies. I studied similar subjects for a similar degree several years ago and found it good to have a hobby break. I just love the colour choices in your work!