Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aprons & More Aprons

Alright I have another fixation I am currently on. Aprons why you may ask? Aprons have been popping up everywhere & with that occurrence I can’t help finding some cute ones. It all started with one magazine.

I found 3 cute apron patterns in it. First the Cottage-Inspired Apron

Next the Easy Retro Apron,

& finally the Pretty Paisley Apron.

I wanted to make all three but there was only one apron pattern to cut out in the magazine & I needed 3 different styles out of the one paper which would not work so I took the original pattern to Kinko’s and copied it a couple times. Later found these same patterns online. Oh well, I had already made my version of the Pretty Paisley Apron

This is my version of the Cottage-Inspired Apron which I made for my mother’s birthday.

After I finished these I was at a newly opened fabric store & saw this lovely apron with five pockets the perfect apron for crafting of any variety. But they didn’t have the pattern & I didn’t want to take the time to fiddle with fabric to figure out the pattern. So I kept checking back at the store & finally the store got the pattern in. Here is a picture of the apron at the store.

Here is the pattern picture.

I promptly made a couple. This was the first.

When I finished this one my mother tried it on and said she liked her apron. I then told her she could keep it if she really wanted it.

This I made in conclusion but I might make more. I like the five pockets.

I somewhere around this time was telling my grandmother about my recent fascination with aprons & she showed me some of her old aprons & I thought I might duplicate one of her very practical aprons.

This was my first attempt to duplicate an already made article, here is the final product. I will show a picture of the original after I replace the buttons with new ones. The great thing about this apron is that it has great coverage for the down & dirty jobs.
Oh the reason I have not been posting as regularly is that I had a lot going on. I just graduated, my brother just graduated, had 2 vacations, I had to obtain a special job certification for my new job that I just got hired for. I am currently commuting 1 ½ hrs daily to my job & I’m learning what needs to be done for that job, so please be patient with my less than regular posts.

If that was not enough I came across this wonderful book at my local bookstore. I promptly bought it for some light reading. You might be seeing some more aprons in the not so near future.


Mimi said...

I couldn't help but be amazed at your aprons! You make it seem easy to make...I wouldn't have the patience to cut fabrics from a pattern and to sew it all neatly.
Btw, I heart the red one ;)

Mary said...

Hey Ashley, I just graduated from ASU with my Bachelor's in Speech and Hearing too! I was actually trying to look up any information on getting hours and such and it brought me to your blog! I was going to apply as an assistant but it seems that no one really needs one. How are you getting your observation and clinical hours done? ASU says they don't offer classes for either one, so I'm not sure where to go next. If you can respond, email me at Thanks so much!