Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Easy Empire Waist Top Baby Dress & Robot Quilt Block

The most inconsistent poster is back and graduated so I’ve been sewing up a storm. All the things I had on my list to do for 2 years or more.

Here is a little baby dress “Easy Empire Waist Top” I made for a friend a while back for her new baby. I got the pattern from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones. OK I like the book but there are a number of errors and missing diagrams which make the book hard to use. In general this was a frustrating little dress to make as it was my first baby outfit I made. If I was to make this dress again I would not make the sleeves the way the pattern calls for but instead make simple sleeves.

A close up of the little bow in front.

The baby bloomers were the easy thing to make.

The book did not have a view of the back of the dress this was frustrating for me. I decided not to simply sew the elastic inside the dress without a covering over the elastic. Why because the elastic might rub the tender baby skin and cause irritation. I created a tube of fabric that I put the elastic in the sewed the tube to the inside of the baby dress.

A nice coordinated button is always important.

Here is a Robot block I made after seeing this robot quilt. I was pleased with my version but it is still sitting around as you see it below.

Here is a better view of it.

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